Saint Patrick's Cross Liverpool

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Baines, Thomas

"History of the commerce and town of Liverpool, and of the rise of manufacturing industry in the adjoining counties"

Published: 1850

Brooke, Richard 

"Liverpool as it was during the last quarter of the eighteenth century (1775-1800)" 

Published: 1853

Burke, Thomas

"Catholic History of Liverpool" 

Published: 1910

Cashen, William

"William Cashen's Manx Folk-Lore"

Published: 1912

Corry, John

"The history of Liverpool, from the earliest authenticated period down to the present times"

Published: 1810

Enfield, William

"An essay towards the history of Leverpool"

Published: 1774

Foster, Sir Idris Llewelyn 


English translation of "The Three Fragments"

Harding, Stephen

"Viking Mersey"

Published: 2002

Leland, John

"The Itinerary of John Leland The Antiquary"

Published: 1769

Muir, Ramsey

"A History of Liverpool"

Published: 1907

Picton, Sir James

"Memorials of Liverpool"

Published: 1875

Wallace, James                                                                                                                     

"A general and descriptive history of the ancient and present state, of the town of Liverpool, comprising, a review of its government, police, antiquities, and modern improvements; the progressive increase of street, square, public buildings, and inhabitants, together with a circumstantial account of the true causes of its extensive African trade: the whole carefully compiled from original manuscripts, authentic records, and other warranted authorities"

Published: 1795